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"How to Get Bigger Muscles Faster" :

I'm talking about getting big, strong and healthy without spending hours in a gym,

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If You Think You've Seen It All
— You Haven't Seen It All!

Brian Carson
Lewistown, PA 17044
Thursday, 11:59 am

With your permission, I want to send you by mail, a DVD that has the power to set your muscle building efforts ablaze. I gave a copy in secret to 20 of my BIG BOY personal training clients and asked them if they thought it was worth 1000 times more than free.

All of them replied with an enthusiastic YES!...

Most told me I shouldn't even think about giving it away at all. It's not a box set of DVDs - it's less than 60 minutes, but the muscle building methods shared allowed me to create a program that helps people around the world get BIGGER and STRONGER in near record time, without the use of drugs and other enhancers.

They are truly try it once and Do It FOREVER strategies.

Anyone can blatantly copy these methods. They will work amazingly well for advanced trainers, hardgainers and especially beginners.

Even if you're an advanced trainer - I will show you how to make more gains than you ever thought possible (you just have to promise your mind is "open" to contrarian advice).

This is no joke.

You will hear me reveal the BIG MUSCLE BUILDING strategies I've used and continue to use over and over and over again with my clients--- to help them create bodies they only dreamed about at first.

Look, even if you don't want the big, ripped muscles that's fine. On this DVD I will show you how to get lean, mean and in the best shape of your life without getting huge. So, no matter if you want to be huge and ripped or lean and fit, the way to do it is here.

Why Did I Record This DVD?

Because years ago I got sick of all the mis-information and lies spread in the various bodybuilding magazines. Now I've decided to share my secrets to getting bigger and stronger so you can do the same no matter what body type you are.This powerful DVD was created just for you.

And quite frankly, Just to give back.  I remember how hard it was to get real, accurate muscle building info and praying to see results.  Knowing I just needed the right techniques and system to get bigger.

After years of researching the old-time strongmen and bodybuilders, I learned their ways, techniques and secrets for building rock hard muscle and almost super human strength. That's how the Ultimate Workout Program and the Workout Routines Inner Circle was born. Now I'm sharing with you the techniques that work, the ones you need to know, and with this DVD, you can watch and listen to them over and over again, whenever you want! 

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REVEALED AT LAST!: How to Get Bigger, Stronger, and Healthier, Without Drugs...In Just 2 Hours a Week - Guaranteed!

  • Get Your Set of Videos (and OTHER GOODIES) For Free. These videos and the Workout Routines member site will get you un-stuck, make you stronger and healthier, and get you building muscle. Fast. 

  • Use the Quick, No-Fluff Info To Build Bigger Muscles Faster. With all the nuts-and-bolts "how to" in the videos, audios and membership site, you should be able to get bigger, stronger and healthier right away (IF you will just take some action... we can't do THAT part for you).

  • PLUS... Try Out The "Workout Routines" Site For as Long as You Want. If you like it, then keep your membership. If you don't think it's for you... just let us know, and never pay another dollar.

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Here's What You Get...
The "Ultimate Workout Program Supplements" Video
($27 Value)


  • An Introduction to the Supplements used in the Ultimate Workout Program.

  • The truth about supplement and nutrition companies and the B.S. they spread.

  • Instant Access RIGHT NOW

  • The Only Supplements Needed For Building Bigger, Stronger Muscles in less time.

  • Shipped: No

  • Instant Digital Download/ Access: YES

The "Workout Warriors" Audio Series
($67 Value)


  • 5-Part Audio Series Focusing on Various Weight Training Concepts.

  • Topics Include Nutrition, Abbreviated Training, Training Over 40 and More!

  • Instant Access RIGHT NOW

  • Shipped: No

  • Instant Digital Download/ Access: YES

"The Ultimate Mindset" Video
($27 Value)


  • Get the Proven Formula Needed to Achieve Success in Every Area of Your Life.

  • Watch "Over the Shoulder" As Brian Completely Explains His Four Pillars of Success System.

  • ...and Discover How the Right Mindset Can Explode Your Gains!

  • Shipped: No 

  • Instant Digital Download/ Access: YES

Free 30-Day Access To The Workout Routines Private Members Area

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  • You get this free 30-day trial to "kick the tires" on our Workout Routines Inner Circle... with full access to ALL materials, including any and all products I release in the future, as long as you stay a member.

  • Over 400 workouts are already loaded up on the site. Pick whichever ones can help you reach your goals faster. In addition, there are audio, videos and a whole lot more waiting for you inside.

  • The members area also includes the digital version of the High Octane Fat Loss and Muscle Building System. A product I sell for $47 all day long, yours for free in the Inner Circle.

  • Remember, if you like what you see during this 30-day FREE trail, do nothing and we will bill you only $10 a month for as long as you want to be an Inner Circle member. If it's not for you just cancel anytime and you will never be billed again.

  • Live call-in days with me each month, along with weekly email sessions where you get PERSONAL attention from me. We'll go over your workout goals and keep you on the path to the all your strength and health goals.

  • And, MUCH, MUCH More! 

  • Easy, no-hassle cancel at any time. 100% GUARANTEED.

  • Shipped: No

  • Instant Digital Download/ Access: YES

The Ultimate Workout Program DVD
($37 Value)

Ultimate Workout DVD

Just $17!

  • You save $20 off the original price. Good for the first 500 units only. Seriously, after the 500 units are sold this page comes down and a new one with the higher price will be up.

  • Over 40 minutes of power-packed information designed to give you the power, size, health and strength you want, and deserve, without all the bullshit in the those bodybuilding rags.

  • A 100-percent guaranteed program that gets results. You will hear me reveal the BIG MUSCLE BUILDING strategies I've used and continue to use over and over and over again with my clients--- to help them create bodies they only dreamed about at first.

  • Only 500 units have been made for this trial run. I will be making more, this isn't some scarcity trick, but only the first 500 will have the $17 price tag. After I reach that limit, the price goes up to $37.

  • This DVD has something for everyone, whether you're a hard-gainer, advanced, intermediate or beginner, the Ultimate Workout Program will get you results. Talk is cheap, results matter. Follow the program and see for yourself.

  • Shipped: Yes

  • Instant Digital Download/ Access: After 30 Day Trial

The program, and the site itself, was designed for people who want to achieve their fitness goals in a safe, natural way. Without the use of drugs or shortcuts that can damage mind, soul and body.

With that in mind, the Ultimate Workout Program was designed to be tailored to any health or fitness goals.

Here are just some of the benefits of both the DVD and membership into this unique and exciting club:

  • Build Bigger, Stronger Muscles Faster!
  • Lose Weight Safely and Quickly Without Restrictive Diets and Calorie Counting
  • Build Speed, Stamina and Power
  • Get Healthier Than You've Ever Been
  • A Proven Program That Meets All of Your Fitness Goals
  • Community of Like-Minded Individuals to Encourage and Inspire Each Other
  • The Latest Unbiased Research on Weight Training, Nutrition and Self-Help
  • Develop a Mindset That Crushes All Obstacles and Reaches Any Goal
  • Get Into the Best Shape of Your Life
  • Having Your Own Personal Trainer That Won't Cost You an Arm and a Leg
If you're really serious about weight training, losing weight, getting in great shape or whatever your goals are, this could be just the thing you're looking for.

The new year is still young and now is the perfect time to make 2010 your best year yet. What have you got to lose?

All This For Just $17!

You get Instant Access to all the materials above (plus some surprises we haven't even told you about).

If you like the Ultimate Workout Program and the Workout Routines Inner Circle, do nothing, and we'll automatically bill you for your first monthly membership fee of $10 after 30 days. If you don't like the Ultimate Workout Program... just use our no-hassle cancellation and you won't be billed another dollar, ever. And you can even keep the DVD and bonuses, with our blessing (and our thanks for giving it a fair try).

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"Since starting the program, I’ve gained over 20 pounds and cut my body fat down 3%. And that’s in only 2˝ months. Thanks Brian. I can’t wait to see the rest of the program" - Sal Amato, Montrose, PA. **

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YES! BRIAN, I want access to the no-fluff, muscle and strength building workouts, techniques and tactics... all the Video and audio Sessions... along with the Ultimate Workout Program DVD ... starting right now without any delay.

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    If I cancel, I can't get back in. Period.

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"I started the Ultimate Workout Program with a different set of goals. I wasn't after huge biceps or anything like that. I wanted to get into decent shape and drop some weight. I had ballooned up to 265 pounds (I'm only 5-9!) and was in terrible shape. Brian put me on the program and after some starts and stops, I got serious and the results have been amazing. I've been on the program three months and dropped 27 pounds. Not only that, but I'm building muscle and feeling better than I've ever felt in my life." - Mike Cunrod, Buffalo, NY. **

A 100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I guarantee to deliver your Ultimate Workout Program DVD, videos, workout plans (plus some special surprises), and the Workout Routines member site for just $10... and I promise to give you a complete 30 days to watch all the videos, read all the articles and have complete access to everything in the members area. 

If you decide to stay after 30 days, all it costs is $10 a month for Inner Circle priviledges. If you decide to cancel during your 30-day "test drive" period, you get a complete refund!

And you get to keep anything and everything during your trial period, even if you cancel.

So why would I even do it? Simple...

I'm betting you'll stay with us, because of the quality of the information inside... and I'll make my money on the $10 monthly membership fee.

That's as up-front and open as I can make things!

Act Now Before the Trial Ends

This charter trial is only going on through February, because this is a special offer to launch the Ultimate Workout Program DVD and the Workout Routines Inner Circle member site. So after January 31, the trial ends and could be gone for good. And beginning March 1st, the $10 per month charter membership ends and the price will be set at its normal $19.95 per month rate, and the Ultimate Workout Program DVD will be at its normal $37 price tag. So lock in your low introductory rate now.

But even the normal price is a drop in the bucket. I know the economy is tight right now and I wanted to keep the site affordable, even though the information I'm giving is worth much more than I'm charging, the monthly fee doesn't even add up to one family night out at a local restaurant.

To get me to coach you personally would cost at least $100 an hour or $397 for my cheapest coaching program. To hire a personal trainer or nutritionist would cost you $70-$100 per hour or even more. Even exercise videos cost about $29.95 each these days.

But to get Ultimate Workout Program DVD and join in the Workout Routines member community, you won't pay anywhere near that amount. You won't pay $29.95 a month. You won't pay $19.95 a month. You won't even pay $15.95 a month! As part of our charter membership phase, we are still offering discounted memberships…

For only a one-time of fee of $17 for the DVD and after 30 days, $10 Per Month for the Workout Routines Inner Circle membership!

You can cancel your membership at any time, for any reason, with no hassles at all. If you decide to keep your membership, there is absolutely no long term commitment. Your membership will be month by month, and you will simply be billed each month at only $10 per month.

This is my reward to you for being decisive and acting now. But the price won't stay low this long, so if you want to lock in this charter subscription price, join today!

I look forward to seeing you on the inside,



PS. Remember, there is absolutely NO RISK whatsoever. It's only $17 for the Ultimate Workout Program DVD, and $10 a month to join the Workout Routines after your 30-day free trial has passed. You can cancel instantly any time you want, for any reason whatsoever. And you can keep all the gifts for free, just for trying the Ultimate Workout Program DVD. You have SO much to gain and nothing to lose by investing in the Ultimate Workout Program DVD and the Workout Routines Inner Circle..

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** “In a recent survey, of those who report that they have seen part or all of Brian’s DVD and have applied techniques taught in the DVD, nearly half report building muscle or losing body fat using Brian’s techniques."

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