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How to Get "Bigger Muscles" Faster :

I'm talking about getting big, strong and healthy without spending hours in a gym,

If You Think You've Seen It All
— You Haven't Seen It All!

Brian Carson
Lewistown, PA 17044
Thursday, 11:59 am

With your permission, I want to send you by mail, a DVD for 'FREE' that has the power to set your muscle building efforts ablaze. I gave a copy in secret to 20 of my BIG BOY personal training clients and asked them if they thought it was worth 1000 times more than free.

All of them replied with an enthusiastic YES!...

Most told me I shouldn't even think about giving it away at all. It's not a box set of DVDs - it's less than 60 minutes, but the muscle building methods shared allowed me to create a program that helps people around the world get BIGGER and STRONGER in near record time, without the use of drugs and other enhancers.

They are truly try it once and Do It FOREVER strategies.

Anyone can blatantly copy these methods. They will work amazingly well for advanced trainers, hardgainers and especially beginners.

Even if you're an advanced trainer - I will show you how to make more gains than you ever thought possible (you just have to promise your mind is "open" to contrarian advice).

This is no joke.

You will hear me reveal the BIG MUSCLE BUILDING strategies I've used and continue to use over and over and over again with my clients--- to help them create bodies they only dreamed about at first.

Look, even if you don't want the big, ripped muscles that's fine. On this DVD I will show you how to get lean, mean and in the best shape of your life without getting huge. So, no matter if you want to be huge and ripped or lean and fit, the way to do it is here.

Better Hurry - Only 500, 479, 377, 107 FREE DVDs Left!

(Actual # of copies remaining is likely much less.)

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Why Did I Record This FREE DVD?

Because years ago I got sick of all the mis-information and lies spread in the various bodybuilding magazines. Now I've decided to share my secrets to getting bigger and stronger so you can do the same no matter what body type you are.This powerful DVD was created just for you.

And quite frankly, Just to give back.  I remember how hard it was to get real, accurate muscle building info and praying to see results.  Knowing I just needed the right techniques and system to get bigger.

After years of researching the old-time strongmen and bodybuilders, I learned their ways, techniques and secrets for building rock hard muscle and almost super human strength. That's how the Ultimate Workout Program was born. Now I'm sharing with you the techniques that work, the ones you need to know, and with this DVD, you can watch and listen to them over and over again, whenever you want!  Click Here To Order Now!

What Else Do I Receive With My DVD Order?

When you order your DVD, you will receive four (4) bonuses worth a total of $437 which includes a free video, a free 30-day membership trial, free strategy session, and instant downloadable audios:


Bonus #1: "The Workout Warriors Audio Series " Instant Download! When you order the 'Ultimate Workout Program' System you will be able to immediately download 5 muscle building recordings! Subjects include: old-timers training; over 40 training; supplements and more! (Value $100).

Bonus #2: Free One-on-One Strategy Consultation -Free 30 Minute "Muscle Building Intensive" Phone Strategy Session! (Value $300) 


Bonus #3: FREE Trial Membership - When you get your DVD today you'll receive a free 30-day trial membership into my "Workout Routines membership site, so you can see how powerful and profitable the information truly is. It is the latest and best info to help you build a strong, healthy body. Plus, if after the 30-day trial period you decide the Warriors lifestyle isn't for you, you can cancel your $10 a month membership at any time! (Value $10)


Bonus  #4: 5 Best Mass Exerices Video - A special video showcasing the five best exercises for building mass fast. (Value $27) 

                                                            Total Bonus Value: $437.00

What Does It Cost? 

For USA orders: This DVD is sent to you for FREE. No commitments, no hassles! All we request is that you pay a nonrefundable $5.95 for shipping and handling.

For International orders: This DVD is sent to you FREE.  No commitments, no hassles! All we request is that you select the nonrefundable "International ($9.97)" shipping and handling option on the next page.


If you live in Canada, our fulfillment department will mark the DVD
as a gift for Canada so there are no custom charges.

 Please note this special offer is limited to one complimentary DVD per household.

How Do I Get A FREE DVD? 

It's easy...just click here right now to order . Remember with this trial offer you are not obligated to buy anything.

How Long Does This FREE DVD Offer Last?

As you can imagine, we can't keep giving this DVD away forever.  Business is business, and so, we have instructed the fulfillment company to only produce 500 copies. So don't wait, supplies won't last long! Request your free DVD today!

Here is what people are saying about Brian...

"...He's definitely a Must read, Must listen, and Must see!"

"Brian without a doubt knows how to help you build muscle. I went from 143 to 185 pounds of muscle in just six months from the workouts he showed me. If you want to quickly increase your gains, he's definitely a Must read, Must listen, and Must see!"

-- Sal Amato, Montrose, PA


"You Share Your Knowledge With
Those of Us Eager To Learn"

“Your energy and enthusiasm amaze me, but what makes you special is your willingness to share your knowledge with those of us eager to learn. Thanks for providing us with the tools needed to get big, strong and most importantly, healthy. You are a champion."

-Alex Griffith , Pittsburgh, PA


"I listened to your advice about getting back in shape
and it made me feel motivated to really get moving."

"I will tell you this, when you speak, you speak with passion and conviction. I listened to your advice about getting back in shape and it made me feel motivated to really get moving. It was stern and sincere and re-enforced something we all a football coach talking to his team during practice. If you keep being yourself, I'm sure you'll be extremely successful."

-Mike Cunrod, Buffalo, NY


"Brian really has the 'magic touch'

"Brian is the best.  I'm a musician and being strong and in good physcial condition is very important too me.  Brian really has the 'magic touch' and knows how to get people to become stronger, healthier and look really damn good."

-Mike Pupo, Lewistown, PA



This DVD is sent to you FREE. All we request is that you pay a nonrefundable $5.95 for shipping and handling.

PLUS as a special thank you
You'll get
four bonus gifts
(A $437 Value) Absolutely FREE!

Just pay $5.95 shipping ($9.97 international) and be automatically enrolled for a 30 day
free trial in our Workout Routines member site...
and if you decide to stay after 30 days you will automatically be billed just $10 a month for as long
as you're with us.

Your email address will never be rented, traded or sold.


Get just the DVD without trying out the Workout Routines Member site for 30 days.


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